Investment policy

The Fund makes contributions to the share capital of companies (cash-in);

The Fund receives an ownership share (less than control) in exchange for its investments;

The Fund does not carry out transactions related to the purchase of shares or ownership interest from existing shareholders (cash-out).

Typical profile of a portfolio company, in which the Fund might invest:

High-tech Russian or foreign company operating in fast-growing industries, such as: energy, chemicals, medical, IT, Internet of things, agriculture, production of new materials. etc.

The company: already has a finished product/service with specific competitive advantages; already has pilot production and sales from pilot contracts (as a minimum); is at break-even point or is on track to break even in the next year/year and a half; has an existing customer base/customer pipeline.

The investment funds will be used for:

  • development of the company's business in the Far East;
  • modification and improvement of the company's product/service;
  • progress from pilot production to serial production;
  • scaling of sales and entering new markets.

Fund investment amount


million rubles 

average investment in one project

not more than

10 %

Fund resources to be invested in one project

not more than


million rubles  

maximum investment in one project